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The Jewish Foundation Hits the Big Five Oh! | 29-Apr-2015

The total endowment for the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven hitS $50 million!

The Foundation, founded in 1993 initially as a department of the Jewish Federation, was created by community leaders and visionaries Arthur Eder, Sam Glazer and Pat Goodwin, who realized early on that a community endowment was vital to sustain future generations in Jewish New Haven. Together they spent countless hours meeting with community members to encourage current and planned giving for our agencies and synagogues.  Those gifts are still giving today through annual distributions in the community. The endowment now totals over $50 million with 600 individual endowments and charitable trusts, over 90% of which are designated or restricted mostly for local Jewish organizations.  In the 2014 calendar year, the Jewish Foundation distributed over $3.1 million ($2.59 million to local synagogues and Jewish organizations).  Click here to see where those distributions went.  

As I look at it now, I don’t know what the community would be like without the Foundation.  The agencies, the synagogues, count on the income they receive from Foundation endowments. The endowments have helped and will continue to help us feed those in need, provide Jewish camping and education, as well as programs for the frail and elderly,”  stated Pat Goodwin, z’l.

Some Endowment Success Stories

  • PACE- Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment (endowment for Federation campaign).
    In 2008 there was $1.2 million in PACE funds. Today there is $11 million (in addition, there is another $2 million in commitments to PACE). Click here for more information on PACE or to read about our latest PACE Fund

  • Jewish Family Service. In 2008, JFS had 8 endowment funds at the Jewish Foundation totaling $558,000. Today they have 11 endowments totaling $2.2 million!  Their 2015 distribution from these funds will be $75,000 and, 2 retired JFS social workers have established charitable gift annuities for the benefit of JFS! Click here for more information on funds for our local agencies.

    Congregation Beth El-Keser Israel (BEKI).  In 2006, BEKI had 18 endowment funds at the Jewish Foundation totaling  $300,000.  Now BEKI has 26 endowments totaling $3.4 million! Their 2015 distribution from these funds will be $134,000! (in addition, there is another $1 million in commitments to BEKI endowments). Click here to learn more about funds for synagogues

  • ADL-Connecticut. In  2007 ADL had no endowments at the Jewish Foundation. Now their endowments at the Jewish Foundation total $800,000!

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